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Information about cancer
There is a lot of information about cancer treatment abroad, technologies as you see, are not claimed by "official medicine", in many countries you will not even open these articles and will not find them. A question "why"?!

Platinus R

Biocoordinator of immune system response

“Platinus” medicine is designed to cure oncological diseases (such as sarcoma, melanoma, prostate cancer, lung and stomach cancer, carcinoma and neuroblastoma, tongue and throat cancer e.t.c), metastasis, benign tumors, intoxication of various origin and immunodeficiency.

The medicine treat tumor of any origin; “Platinus” works quicker and better with a viscera and breast cancer. This medicine helps to avoid surgical intervention, has a beneficial effect on the entire body and activates protective functions of the immune system. It is recommended for prophylaxis and activation of all protective body resources. “Platinus” medicine improves recovery from fractures.

Cancer preventing effect of the medicine is achieved by biologically active component. The component was obtained by application of the new unique technology involved fusion of natural compounds.

“Platinus” medicine:

  • Is not habit-forming
  • Impossible to overdose
  • Has high cancer preventing effect
  • Hasn’t shown secondary effects
  • Neutral PH level-7, water soluble
  • Does not have nephrotoxicity
  • Innocuous, does not contain any poisonous, carcinogenic and any other harmful for body substances
  • Moderate price


Platinus discovers the affected cancer cells, enveloping, blocking them, does not allow a sick cell to feed itself , depriving it of oxygen. The medicine quickly collects in a tumoral tissue, delivering active components of the complex immediately to cancer cells. It is caused by the medicine's ability to induce onophorness or Kraun Effect (overcoming of resistance to penetration through cellular membranes). The impossibility of the exhausted cancer cells to reproduction shows that cell fission process in cancer collections stops and they completely perish.

The medicine's ability to cause regress of tumours and their metastasises are also connected with the immunostimulating effect of the medicine.

After introduction into an organism the medicine "Platinus" gets to blood and affects a hypothalamus, in 20 minutes after the medicine's introduction there in blood, in brain tissues and spinal liquid the rising of concentration of endorphines becomes perceptible. Endorphine (happy hormone) is a universal regulator of homeostasis. Growth of concentration of endorphine in blood causes depression of tumour growth (at the expense of influence on opioid centres of cancer cells).


The medicine – is a liquid of dark-brown colour with a specific smell (wood with vanilla) - the complex compound received by the most complicated thermochemical synthesis, containing both organic (humic substances), and inorganic substances (a potassium tetrachloroplatinat, chloride sodium). Organic components of the medicine - humic substances - represent a complex of difficult natural compounds. Their origin is connected with the hydrolytic decompositon of the wood lignine (sawdust of the oaken bark ).

The medicine description:

The solution of chloride sodium in water provides isotonicity of medium medicines with medium of an organism which allows the medicine to be input by means of injections, for example, intramusculary.

Humic substances quickly collect in the tumoral tissue. Possessing a large quantity of the donorno-acceptor bonds, the entered solution reacts with the nucleophilic centres of albuminous molecules, causing process of a bifunctional alkylation in the gene apparatus of the tumoral tissue. As a result the long synthesis of DNA and RNA is broken, there comes interlocking of the mitotic cycle and fermental systems of malignant cells which leads to their destruction.

Course of treatment:

Course of treatment is prescribed individually, depending on a stage of disease, age of the patient, on an organism condition as a whole, on the treatment done before (chemotherapy, biopsy, various operations) and some other defining factors. Non-cancerous growth recovers faster than oncologic disease. On the average the course makes 30 days, in the course of treatment depending on a condition of the organism and results of analyses, the course can be changed.

For preventive prophylaxis 10-15 injections are prescribed.

Ways of use:

Rectal (microclysters)

Before the medicine introduction it is recommended to make a cleansing enema. It is necessary to input the medicine every day, before going to bed. At rectal input of the medicine the patient does not feel pain and other discomfort.

At intramuscular use efficiency of the medicine raises.

Safety measures

To observe dosages on treatment course.

DO NOT USE other medicines and methods of treatment simultaneously.



The release form

Liquid of dark-brown colour. At long storage there can be a small deposit, shake before using.


At room temperature from +10 C till +25 C.

The manufacturer in Russia

"BioChimExpo" Limited Company, St.-Petersburg

The post address: 194100, 1st Murinsky avenue 10,
Vyborg RSTK ОSТО, the block 11

Period of validity

2 years. The date of issue is on the label

Conditions of release in drugstores

Without the doctor’s prescription .

Protection against fakes

The difficult system of coding of the medicine is developed for protection against fakes. Each patient receives the identification number in which the personal data, the date of issue and the way of treatments are specified. Receiving the medicine, be sure of its originality, having made the request on e-mail.

Hot line

RUS 8 -912-759-49-95

Consultations of expert

Consult the expert before using.

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